Can coated lenses be cleaned with ultrasonic waves?
Whether it is optical glass or spectacle lenses, they will be coated. From glazing material to finished product, coated lenses go through more than a dozen processes such as milling, fine grinding, polishing, and edge grinding. Ultrasonic cleaning can run through the entire lens processing process. It can be seen that the use of ultrasonic cleaning of coated lenses has unparalleled advantages over other cleaning methods in the large-scale production and processing of coated lenses, both in terms of cleaning efficiency and cleaning costs. It can improve the quantitative production and quality of coated lens products.
Can ultrasonic cleaning machine clean rubber products?
Rubber products have good wear resistance and elasticity and are widely used in industrial production and life. Since the rubber product itself has a little stickiness, it is very easy to absorb external dirt, especially dust in the air, which can easily stick to the surface of the rubber product. Once rubber products become dirty, they are often difficult to clean. As an environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning has been widely used in many fields. So, can an ultrasonic cleaning machine clean rubber products? The editor will give you a simple answer below.
Can ultrasonic waves clean rust spots
Can ultrasonic waves clean rust spots? In recent years, under the advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection to promote industrial development, ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, hardware, rail transit, medical and other industries. It can not only effectively remove oil, wax, dust and other dirt, but also effectively remove oil, wax, dust and other dirt. It is also easy to clean the rust and rust spots on the surface of the workpiece. Especially for those parts with complex shapes or dead corners, ordinary cleaning methods are insufficient and cannot achieve satisfactory rust removal results. If ultrasonic cleaning technology is used to clean rust spots, it will have unexpected effects.
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