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As a specialized application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in hospitals, medical ultrasonic cleaning machines handle the cleaning, rinsing, oiling, drying, etc. of contaminated instruments. They have incomparable technical features compared to conventional ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machines use the most advanced digital circuits and integrated circuits in the world. The product features novel structure, advanced circuitry, reliable operation, high efficiency, low noise and high cleanliness. It is widely used in operating rooms, laboratories, inspection rooms, supply rooms, dentistry, sterilization centers and other departments of hospitals and other medical institutions. It is the most ideal equipment for cleaning deep holes, blind holes and concave and convex grooves of medical devices. Digital LCD controls the start-up time. All stainless steel casing, inner tank and lid, which is more high-end and has greatly improved waterproof performance. The product is safer and more durable. It is equipped with heating and constant temperature system and a fully automatic water supply and drainage system, which is more convenient. It is fully stainless steel SUS304 for medical equipment cleaning. basket.
Cleaning objects
Mainly suitable for hospital scalpels, tweezers, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, injection needles, syringes of various sizes, test tubes, glass pieces, dressing bowls, various plates, barrels, manometers and other radioactive, polluting, Large-volume, high-purity pre-immersion cleaning, disinfection, etc. are essential equipment for hospital operating rooms, supply rooms and disinfection centers, as well as laboratories and laboratories of scientific research units and pharmaceutical factories.
Cleaning Process
  • Loading
  • Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning
  • Soaking + spraying
  • Vacuum ultrasonic rinsing
  • Vacuum ultrasonic rinsing
  • Unloading
  • 01
    12-inch LED color high-definition touch screen control.
  • 02
    The loading table is equipped with a code scanner, and the PLC is connected to the printer system.
  • 03
    Alarm prompts for upper and lower limits of vacuum value/flow meter/water conductivity/water pressure.
  • 04
    Equipped with auxiliary processes such as throwing, filtration cycle, overflow, and automatic liquid addition.
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Four-tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Clean blood stains, fat, fingerprints, etc.
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