Semiconductor Electronic Industry
Semiconductor ultrasonic cleaning machines can be widely used in semiconductor crystals, resistors, capacitors, PCB boards, IC chips, connectors, connectors, adapters, silicon wafers, transistors, diodes, electronic circuit boards, computer motherboards, piezoelectric ceramic wafers, Cleaning during the production and processing of electronic devices such as picture tubes and electric vacuum devices.
Cleaning objects
Semiconductor chips, crystals, diodes, resistors, PCB boards, circuit boards, MEMS devices, electronic components, computer motherboards, parts and shell seats, etc.
Cleaning Process
  • Loading
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning (Pure Water)
  • Ultrasonic Rinsing (Pure Water + Chemical)
  • Slow Lift-Out (Pure Water)
  • Spin Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Unloading
  • 01
    The equipment is equipped with a throwing function, which can effectively remove dirt from the surface of the workpiece and improve the cleaning effect.
  • 02
    Combination of four drying methods (slow pull dehydration + rotation drying + hot air drying + vacuum drying) to quickly dry the workpiece.
  • 03
    Equipped with high-efficiency air filter and exhaust fan to ensure clean air in the tank and solve problems such as odor spillage.
  • 04
    Pressure difference gauges are installed before and after the pipeline filter, and the pressure difference value can be set independently. If the value exceeds the value, an automatic alarm will be issued.
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