Blind Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic is a revolutionary method of cleaning your blinds through the use of sound waves. Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient, and completely safe. SKYMEN curtain ultrasonic cleaner can clean the vanes of blinds, as well as their cords, ladders, strings, and wands. Giving you with a new blind! Before you decide to replace your blinds, try cleaning them!

Application: Traditional fabric drape, venetian blind, roller shutters, honeycomb shade, cellular shades, honeycomb and pleated shades, roman shade, wood woven shade, bamboo curtain splint, reed screen shade, artificial fiber curtain

Curtain ultrasonic cleaner cleaning process:

01. Put curtain in 1st tank for ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning media is tap water with detergent, cleaning time is about 15 minutes

02. After 15 minutes, put curtain in 2nd tank for rinsing, meida is only tap water, soaking curtain in 2nd tank about 5 minutes, then put cutain on drain board.

Product Features
  • 01
    Fast and thoroughly cleaning
  • 02
    Saving labor, time, detergent
  • 03
    Drying rack between 2 tank
  • 04
    Drain board to hold the wet curtain
  • 05
    No damage to A2curtain
  • 06
    Removing dirt and dust easily
  • 07
    With emergency stop switch
  • 08
    SUS 304/SUS 316 tank material
  • 09
    With water inlet/outlet in suitable place
  • 10
    With stainless steel basket
  • 11
    Double/Multi frequency is available
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Cleaning Effect
Ultrasonic cleaning is fast and effective, and can easily remove oil, grease, rust, glue and other dirt. It can also clean blind holes, slits and hidden areas of workpieces.
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