Can ultrasonic cleaning machine clean rubber products?

2022-03-09 Application Guide

Rubber products have good wear resistance and elasticity and are widely used in industrial production and life. Since the rubber product itself has a little stickiness, it is very easy to absorb external dirt, especially dust in the air, which can easily stick to the surface of the rubber product. Once rubber products become dirty, they are often difficult to clean. As an environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning has been widely used in many fields. So, can an ultrasonic cleaning machine clean rubber products? The editor will give you a simple answer below.

First of all, whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean rubber products, we need to understand the principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic vibration to cause cavitation of the cleaning liquid. The cavitation phenomenon is that under the action of ultrasonic waves, tiny bubbles will be generated in the cleaning fluid, which will expand rapidly, and then explode instantly, generating shock waves, and generating local pressure and high temperature, destroying the dirt adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece and quickly dispersing in the cleaning fluid , under the continuous action of ultrasonic vibration, the cleaning purpose is finally achieved.

Can ultrasonic cleaning machines clean rubber products? Ultrasonic waves can clean dust and particle attachments, oil, rust, wax and other dirt without causing damage to the cleaning workpiece. It is the most effective and indispensable cleaning technology in the current cleaning process, and is gradually replacing traditional dipping, brushing, Pressure washing and other cleaning methods. It can be seen that ultrasonic cleaning machines can completely clean rubber products.

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