Heated Soak Tank

1. What a heated soak tank can do ?

Heated Soak Tank used in Commercial Kitchens and Bakeries to clean Carbon Build up and Fats, Oils & Grease from equipment including aluminum baking pans, hood filters, baking racks, floor mats and more.

2. What items is to clean:

Pots; Pans; Sheet Pans ;Oven Racks; Muffin Pans; Roasting Dishes; Rubber Mats; Cutting Boards Wire Baskets; Baking Racks

Grills; Hood Filters; Stove parts

3. Application:

● Restaurants;

● Bakery shops;

● Hotel;

● Supermarkets;

● Schools, colleges, caterers;

● Food production facilities

Product Features
  • 01
    Cleans equipment effortlessly
  • 02
    No Scrubbing- Just Soak
  • 03
    Safe for people and environment
  • 04
    Eliminates the worst job in the kitchen
  • 05
    Save water, time and money
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Cleaning Effect

● Fill in the tank with clean hot water to the max line; Add the detergent and stir the solution;

● Plug the machine into the electrical outlet and switch on; The solution will remains at 80°C;

● Load the cleaning items such as pots, pans, hood filters and more. Use the lifting basket to lower the items into the appliance. A light rinse is required before using items. Heavily carbonized equipment may need an additional soak.

● Close the lid, leaving the items in the tank to soak, and walk away. It will clean continuously, remove fat, grease, oil and carbon build up .

Suggest time:


Cleaning time

Pot& Pans

Initial soak 12 hours

Hot plates & grills

Minimum of 12 hours

Deep fry baskets

Minimum 3~4 hours

Hood filter

1 hour

Roasting pans

Initial soak 12 hours

Gas rings& Cooker tops

Minimum 12 hours

Bakery trays and racks

Initial soak 12 hours

Serving dishes

1-2 hours

Oven Racks

Initial soak 12 hours

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