Hydrogen Energy Industry
As a secondary energy source, hydrogen energy has a wide range of sources. It can not only be produced through the reforming of fossil energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas, thermal cracking of biomass, or microbial fermentation, but also from chemical by-products such as coking, chlor-alkali, steel, and metallurgy. Hydrogen production, but the accessories needed in the process of producing and processing hydrogen energy equipment.
There will be dirt to a greater or lesser extent. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can remove oil, dust and other contaminants attached to the surfaces of required accessories. They are widely used in cleaning bipolar plates, uni-polar plates and other parts in the hydrogen energy industry.
Cleaning objects
Bipolar plate, uni-polar plate, battery case, bearing, nut, engine, gear, hydrogen production accessories, etc.
Cleaning Process
  • Loading
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning (Pure Water)
  • Ultrasonic Rinsing (Pure Water + Chemical)
  • Slow Lift-Out (Pure Water)
  • Spin Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Unloading
  • 01
    The liquid storage tank is equipped with a steam heating coil and a thermostatic controller.
  • 02
    Each tank drain port is equipped with a removable anti-clogging net to prevent small parts from falling into the pipeline and blocking the pipeline.
  • 03
    The ultrasonic vibration panel adopts an input type vibration panel, and the vibration form is bottom vibration + front and rear side vibration.
  • 04
    High-purity water slow-drawing dehydration process quickly dissipates surface moisture and achieves high surface cleanliness.
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