Mechanical Hardware Industry
The mechanical hardware industry is one of the most widely used industries for ultrasonic cleaning. In the manufacturing process of the mechanical hardware industry, the surface of the parts will be stained with different dirt, such as cutting oil, wax, glue, dirt, solder, etc., and the work-piece will be rusted to varying degrees after a long time. Ultrasonic cleaning machine For the above dirt, it can achieve a very good cleaning effect. It can not only clean powerfully, but also perfectly clean. According to the requirements of different hardware, different cleaning schemes can be formulated.
Cleaning objects
Bearing, spring, nozzle, steel pipe, screws, hardware tools, machined parts, hydraulic components, turbine blades, mechanical parts, aluminum alloy/stainless steel mold, etc.
Cleaning Process
  • Loading
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning & Filtration Cycle (City Water)
  • Spray Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning & Filtration Cycle (City Water)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning & Filtration Cycle (Pure Water)
  • Wind Cutting
  • Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Unloading
  • 01
    It has three drying methods (wind cutting, drying, vacuum drying) to achieve the purpose of rapid drying of work-pieces.
  • 02
    The inner tank is made of 316LEP stainless steel.
  • 03
    The filtration circulation system is equipped with a high-precision filter with a filtration accuracy of 0.2μ.
  • 04
    Equipped with two sets of high-efficiency air filters to filter dust in the air, prevent secondary pollution of work-pieces, and create a clean drying space.
  • 05
    On-line detection of PH and resistivity, the threshold can be set independently, and an alarm will be issued if it exceeds.
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Seven-tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Cleans dirt: cutting oil, dust, fines
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