Energy-concentrated Ultrasonic Transducer Bar

The ultrasonic transducer bar uses the radial vibration of the internal transducer to uniformly generate ultrasonic waves around the bar.

The ultrasonic waves generate acoustic cavitation between the solution and the sample to achieve the purposes of cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, anti-scaling, etc.

Product Features
  • 01
    Flexible operation. The ultrasonic transducer bar can be freely placed in any position of the cleaning tank, and it occupies a small volume space.
  • 02
    Long service life and stable performance, sealed & waterproof.
  • 03
    Support ODM & OEM customization,provide professional solutions to meet your requirements.
  • 04
    Multiple uses. The ultrasonic transducer bar can be used for cleaning, emulsification, stirring, separation, homogenization, extraction, catalysis, deforming, etc.
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Jewelry industry, medical industry, electronic factory, molding factory, car workshop, diesel workshop, car industry, scientific laboratory, university, dental clinics, eyeglass shop, hardware tools shop.
Cleaning Effect
Ultrasonic cleaning is fast and effective, and can easily remove oil, grease, rust, glue and other dirt. It can also clean blind holes, slits and hidden areas of workpieces.
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