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After the optical lens has undergone rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, edging and other processes, with the help of the "cavitation effect" cleaning technology of the optical ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning problems before lens coating, gluing, and assembly can be solved . Optical ultrasonic cleaning machine can be widely used in: cleaning of glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products.
Cleaning objects
Lens, filter, prism, laser mirror, camera lens, glass lens, resin lens, mobile phone cover plate, plate glass toughened lm, microscope, etc.
Cleaning Process
  • Loading
  • Ultrasonic Alkali Cleaning (KOH30%) & Agitation
  • High Pressure Spraying (Pure Water)
  • Ultrasonic Alkali Cleaning (HTO97 60%) & Agitation
  • Ultrasonic Alkaline Cleaning (HTO97 80%) & Agitation
  • Soaking Rinse (Pure Water) & Agitation
  • Pickling (NH4HF2 10%) & Agitation
  • High Pressure Spraying (Pure Water)
  • Soaking Rinse (Pure Water) & Agitation
  • Hot Air Drying
  • Hot Air Drying
  • Unloading
  • 01
    Three cleaning programs can be set for selection to meet different cleaning requirements, such as alkali cleaning, pickling cleaning, etc.
  • 02
    The inner tank is made of SUS316L material, and the surface of the vibration plate is chrome-plated to prevent corrosion of the tank body.
  • 03
    The cleaning tank is equipped with agitation function, which can increase the friction between the work-piece surface and the liquid, and improve the cleaning effect.
  • 04
    The pressure difference gauge is installed before and after the pipeline lter, and the pressure difference value can be set independently, and the alarm will be automatically alarmed if the value exceeds the value.
  • 05
    The equipment is equipped with a ventilation device, which can solve problems such as odor overflow.
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