Can ultrasonic waves clean rust spots

2022-02-25 Application Guide

Can ultrasonic waves clean rust spots? In recent years, under the advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection to promote industrial development, ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, hardware, rail transit, medical and other industries. It can not only effectively remove oil, wax, dust and other dirt, but also effectively remove oil, wax, dust and other dirt. It is also easy to clean the rust and rust spots on the surface of the workpiece. Especially for those parts with complex shapes or dead corners, ordinary cleaning methods are insufficient and cannot achieve satisfactory rust removal results. If ultrasonic cleaning technology is used to clean rust spots, it will have unexpected effects.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning of rust spots mainly uses ultrasonic cavitation to transmit ultrasonic waves to the liquid. Under the action of ultrasonic waves, the cleaning liquid produces countless micro bubbles. These micro bubbles will rapidly increase the impact force of explosion and form high temperatures locally. The high pressure causes the rust spots on the surface of the cleaned workpiece to peel off. Cavitation can also accelerate the chemical reaction of the rust remover, increasing the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning of rust spots.

In the process of removing rust spots on some workpieces, where organic solvents such as kerosene are originally needed, water-based cleaning agents can be used instead under the action of ultrasonic waves. For cleaning situations that require strong acids and strong alkali, weak acids and weak alkali can be used. Instead, the final effect of cleaning rust spots is not inferior.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is a new type of cleaning technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has gradually replaced traditional cleaning processes in many fields with its many advantages. Compared with traditional cleaning processes, ultrasonic cleaning of rust spots has the advantages of high cleaning cleanliness, no damage to the substrate, and environmental protection.

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