New Energy Photovoltaic Industry
The photoelectric conversion industry chain formed by the application and development of silicon materials is called "photovoltaic new energy industry", including the production of high-purity poly-silicon raw materials, solar cell production, solar cell module production, and related production equipment manufacturing . In the manufacturing process of these related equipment, dirt will inevitably be generated, which will affect the service life and efficacy of the parts. The emergence of ultrasonic cleaning has solved this fundamental problem and greatly promoted the development of the new energy/photovoltaic industry .
Cleaning objects
Solar panel, single crystal/poly-silicon sheet, stamping/pull-up shell, PCB board, IC chip, audion, reflector, capacitor, connector, picture tube, connector, adapter, etc.
Cleaning Process
  • Loading
  • Ultrasonic rough cleaning (hydrocarbon)
  • Ultrasonic rough cleaning (hydrocarbon)
  • Ultrasonic rinsing (hydrocarbon)
  • Ultrasonic rinsing (hydrocarbon)
  • Draining
  • Wind cutting drying
  • Wind cutting drying
  • Unloading
  • 01
    Equipped with multi-tank spray function, it can quickly peel off the oil and dirt on the surface of the cleaned workpiece and in the crevices.
  • 02
    Equipped with detachable bag type dual stage lter, easy to operate and exible, with good ltering effect.
  • 03
    It has multiple high-pressure wind cutting and drying tanks to quickly dry the workpiece to be cleaned.
  • 04
    The equipment has a circulation ltering function, which increases the service life of the bath liquid and reduces the cost of cleaning agents.
  • 05
    The heating equipment is equipped with acid-resistant and uorine-resistant treatment.
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Case presentation
Sunwoda Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Seven-tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Cleaning work-piece: aluminum alloy cover plate
Clean dirt: remove aluminum shell oil, surface metal shavings
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