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With the widespread use of plastic products in industry and daily life, the problem of cleaning plastic surfaces has gradually become the focus of attention in the manufacturing industry and various fields. As an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaner is gradually becoming the first choice to solve the problem of cleaning plastic products.
Cleaning objects

Plastic mold cleaning: The surface of plastic molds is often covered with grease, gum and other dirt that is difficult to clean. Through the action of tiny bubbles, ultrasonic cleaners can penetrate into the microstructure, clean every corner of the mold surface, and improve the service life and production efficiency of the mold.

Plastic container cleaning: Plastic containers commonly used in food, medical and other fields are prone to adhering to various substances on their surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaners can quickly and thoroughly remove residues to ensure the hygiene and safety of the containers.

Plastic parts cleaning: In the automotive, electronics and other industries, the surface of plastic parts often needs to be cleaned to remove residues and oil from the production process. The high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic cleaners can effectively remove these difficult-to-treat dirt and improve the quality of parts.

Cleaning of plastic optical components: For plastic optical components that require high-precision surfaces, traditional cleaning methods cannot meet the requirements. Ultrasonic cleaners avoid surface scratches in a non-contact manner and ensure the quality and transparency of optical components.

Cleaning Process
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  • Spray Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
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  • Blow Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Cooling
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    Completely remove grease and gum: Grease and gum are often attached to the surface of plastic products. These dirt not only affect the appearance, but may also affect the performance of the product. Ultrasonic cleaners can quickly and completely remove these greases and gums through the impact of tiny bubbles.
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    Maintain plastic surface integrity: Traditional cleaning methods may involve the use of brushes, solvents, etc., which can easily lead to scratches or chemical corrosion on the plastic surface. Ultrasonic cleaners use non-contact cleaning to avoid these problems and maintain the integrity of plastic surfaces.
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    Improve production efficiency: Ultrasonic cleaners can complete efficient cleaning in a short time, save labor costs, and improve production efficiency. For mass-produced plastic products, it has significant economic benefits.
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    Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Ultrasonic cleaners do not require a large amount of chemical solvents during the working process, which reduces environmental pollution and meets the requirements of modern manufacturing for environmental sustainability.
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