Multi-station Vacuum Hydrocarbon Cleaning Equipment
The multi-station vacuum hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine is an ultrasonic cleaning equipment developed and designed for hydrocarbons as the cleaning medium. By combining ultrasonic cleaning technology with vacuum technology, it can give full play to the cleaning advantages of hydrocarbon solvents and achieve more economical, more efficient and safer cleaning purposes
Product Features
  • 01
    Equipped with a filtration circulation system, which can separate hydrocarbon solvents from dirty liquids and reduce emissions for environmentmental protection.
  • 02
    Various functions (agitation, rolling, filtering) can be added etc.), to speed up the cleaning of the work-piece and improve the cleanliness of the surface of the work-piece.
  • 03
    Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning effect on work-pieces with blind holes is obvious.
  • 04
    The equipment is fully automatic, the process is monitored in real time, the technology is advanced, the operation is stable, and the operation is convenient.
  • 05
    Equipped with a distillation regeneration system, the recovery rate of hydrocarbon solvents is as high as 98%, reducing its use cost.
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Cleaning Effect
Mechanical precision hardware, optical, ship, automobile and motorcycle, petroleum and kerosene, photovoltaic, rail transit, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, mobile phone, battery.
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