Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning and Drying Line
Skymen's fully automatic pickling ultrasonic cleaning and passivation line is an automated ultrasonic cleaning equipment that combines ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, pickling, passivation and other processes. It is suitable for cleaning surface oil stains in the production of large quantities of alloy material parts. , metal shavings and other dirt.
Product Features
  • 01
    The loading and unloading table is driven by a motor + sprocket chain, and the gantry single-arm robotic arm transfers the cleaning basket
  • 02
    The inner tank is equipped with a rotating mechanism to realize automatic rotation and cleaning
  • 03
    The pickling tank and passivation tank are equipped with concentration detectors
  • 04
    Automatic air extraction device can remove waste gas
  • 05
    The rinsing tank is equipped with an overflow function, and the cleaning liquid can overflow to the cleaning tank
  • 06
    Use high-quality stainless steel plates, PTT plates and other materials
  • 07
    PLC system + human-machine interface control
  • 08
    Process flow: loading → pickling → ultrasonic cleaning → rinsing → passivation → ultrasonic cleaning → rinsing → unloading
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Cleaning Effect
Mechanical precision hardware, optical, ship, automobile and motorcycle, petroleum and kerosene, photovoltaic, rail transit, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, mobile phone, battery.
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