Tunnel Drying Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
It adopts intelligent digital display program temperature controller for temperature control, PID parameter self-tuning function, solid-state relay output, contactless continuous adjustment, automatically completes the entire drying process, and can meet any curing requirements. It is easy to operate and has reliable performance. Domestic and foreign electrical control components are selected to optimize the reliability of the electrical control part of the curing oven.
Product Features
  • 01
    Equipped with an independent over-temperature protection system, which can automatically cut off the heating power when the temperature is abnormal.
  • 02
    According to the different placement of the products to be baked, choose a reasonable hot air circulation method, side heating and horizontal air supply, etc. to make the temperature in the working room uniform and the curing effect excellent.
  • 03
    There is a track laid at the bottom of the oven, and the trolley is manually pulled in and out on the track, making it easy to enter and exit.
  • 04
    Use sealed electric heating tube for heating, anti-oxidation, stable performance and long life.
  • 05
    The bottom is laid with tracks and equipped with a track-walking manual trolley.
  • 06
    The thermal insulation material uses high-quality thermal insulation cotton with low thermal conductivity, which has obvious energy-saving effect.
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Cleaning Effect
Ultrasonic cleaning is fast and effective, and can easily remove oil, grease, rust, glue and other dirt. It can also clean blind holes, slits and hidden areas of workpieces.
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