Muti-tank Cleaning Line with Lifting Moving

Air cylinder + manual mobile trolley + air circuit + solenoid valve Using SUS304 stainless steel bracket, the mobile trolley is installed on the bracket, with a pneumatic lifting mechanism, the position of the work-piece can be manually moved with a small force, and the user's operation is more convenient and labor-saving.

Application Industry:

Auto Parts

Medical Parts

Hardware Parts

Plastic Parts

Aero Parts

Labware Parts

Optical Lens Parts

Marine Parts

Metal Parts


Electronic Parts

Product Features
  • 01
    Fast and thoroughly cleaning
  • 02
    Saving labor, time, detergent
  • 03
    Loading and unloading table
  • 04
    No damage for cleaning the parts
  • 05
    Removing dirt and dust easily
  • 06
    With emergency stop switch
  • 07
    SUS 304/SUS 316 tank material
  • 08
    Convenient and practical with hydraulic lift
  • 09
    With water inlet/outlet in suitable place
  • 10
    With stainless steel basket
  • 11
    Double/Multi frequency is available
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Cleaning Effect

1. Clamp the cleaning basket with the robotic arm on the loading table, and then move it up and down/left and right to the 1st tank for cleaning.

2. Set for 15 minutes for ultrasonic cleaning + bubbling rinse, and then move to the 2nd tank with the robotic arm after cleaning.

3. Using the high-pressure spraying function of the 2nd tank, it can wash the inside and outside of the work-piece, so that the stains remaining on the surface of the work-piece after ultrasonic cleaning can be washed down again.

4. After the cleaning of the two tanks, use the mechanical arm to move to the 3rd tank for air cutting, and quickly blow off the large particles of water droplets on the surface of the work-piece.

5. Use the robotic arm again to move the cleaning basket to the unloading table, and you will get a new work-piece.

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