Heat Exchanger Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Why should we need cleaning heat exchanger by ultrasonic?

After long-term operation of all types of heat exchangers, problems such as scaling and corrosion will inevitably occur. Those problem will affect the heat exchange efficiency and service life of the equipment. So heat exchanger should be scientifically cleaned and maintained once every year.

Product Features
  • Heat ex-changer ultrasonic cleaner-large tank ultrasonic cleaner with filtration system cleaning process:
  • 01
    Using a crane to place the cleaning basket with the heat ex-changer into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, cleaning time is about 25 minutes
  • 02
    After 25 minutes, Lift the cleaning basket with a crane, and use the high-pressure water gun that comes with the machine to flush off the residual chemical and dirt,flushing time is about 5 minutes.
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Cleaning Effect
Ultrasonic cleaning is fast and effective, and can easily remove oil, grease, rust, glue and other dirt. It can also clean blind holes, slits and hidden areas of workpieces.
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