1.Filtration system
Through the double-layer partition design of the filtration sub-tank, the primary filtration is performed to filter out large particle sediments, suspended solids and floating substances in the detergent; then the secondary fine filtration is performed by the filter bottle to filter out the small particles in the detergent.The welding part of the pipe elbow is welded by argon arc welding, and the surface is polished and polished to ensure that the welding appearance is beautiful.
2.Explosion-proof Cooling System
The explosion-proof function is mainly explosion-proof electric box, explosion-proof grade BT6, which is used to protect the circuit from sparks or short circuits.Generally speaking, the whole machine is equipped with a set of explosion-proof electric box to prevent the machine from explosion due to potentialsafety hazards. the generator can achieve explosion-proof by extending the wire at least 5 meters away from the host (the generator can also be explosion-proof box, according to customer needs).
3.Spraying system
The high-pressure water pump sprays the liquid from the fan-shaped spray nozzle at a high speed, and the surface of the impacted workpiece has been softened, but the stains that have not been completely peeled off are completely peeled off and follow the spray water to flow through the filter bottle to be filtered. Equipped with a domestic well-known brand pump - Nanfang pump (head, flow rate is determined according to the size of the tank); stainless steel filter, filtration precision 1~50um optional.
4.Hot Air Drying System
Principle Features: According to the condition of the workpiece to be cleaned, it is equipped with a hot air drying system. The system is mainly composed of heaters, fans, blowing nozzles, etc. By using a certain temperature and using a high-power and high-speed high-pressure fan, the wind is strong and the noise is low. The hot air circulation drying can speed up the drying time of the cleaned workpiece, make the surface of the cleaned workpiece soaked in water dry quickly, and reduce the oxidation and rust caused by the residual water stains.
Application: Widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverages and food, PCB printing and other industries with high cleanliness requirements.
5.Bubbling system
The compressed air is ejected through the small holes of the bubbling tube to generate high-pressure bubbles, so that the liquid in the tank is in a tumbling state, so that the lighter workpiece can be cleaned more comprehensively, and the stains deposited on the surface of the workpiece can be quickly peeled off.
6.Agitation System
When the motor drives the shaft to rotate, the outer edge of the throwing eccentric wheel pushes another part, causing the throwing frame to reciprocate up and down at a constant speed, thereby accelerating the peeling of stains and rapidly peeling off the deposits and attachments on the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve fast, The purpose of comprehensive cleaning.
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