Hot Air Drying System

Composition: heater + fan + blowing nozzle.

Application: Widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverages and food, PCB printing and other industries with high cleanliness requirements.

Product Features

    According to the condition of the workpiece to be cleaned, it is equipped with a hot air drying system. The system is mainly composed of heaters, fans, blowing nozzles, etc. By using a certain temperature and using a high-power and high-speed high-pressure fan, the wind is strong and the noise is low. The hot air circulation drying can speed up the drying time of the cleaned workpiece, make the surface of the cleaned workpiece soaked in water dry quickly, and reduce the oxidation and rust caused by the residual water stains.

Cleaning Effect
Ultrasonic cleaning is fast and effective, and can easily remove oil, grease, rust, glue and other dirt. It can also clean blind holes, slits and hidden areas of workpieces.
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