Cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for the fuel filter


In the hot summer, the lubricating oil viscosity with temperature is decreased, easily lead to excessive consumption. Also, summer air temperature is high, the gasoline evaporate quickly, easily blocked in the oil. Therefore, remember to clean the fuel filter, ensure smooth circuit.

Therefore, the cleaning fuel filter is to use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.

First of all, Shenzhen clean UNITAultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of the ultrasonic transducer is converted into mechanical vibration, resulting in cavitation phenomenon, the cleaning liquid in the bubble formation, the rupture phenomenon, resulting in the object's surface, pore dirt, gap is dispersed, cracking and spalling, make the object to purify clean.

Secondly, ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve the cleaning effect of object completely clean, especially for deep hole, blind hole, it will not affect the quality and accuracy of any object.

Furthermore, ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly the impact of micro jet produces ultrasonic cavitation and ultrasonic cavitation diode effect of micro acoustic flow scrubbing and ultrasonic cavitation generated in the solid and liquid interface, can be a deep oil cover to the very clean and clear.