Ultrasonic cleaning is used in washing and painting are


Ultrasonic technology is a physical, electronic, machinery and materials science based ultrasonic technology in general. Ultrasonic technology is through ultrasonic generation, transmission and reception and complete. Ultrasonic wave has the bunching, orientation and reflection, transmission characteristics.

Theultrasonic cleaning machine working principle is based on the ultrasonic cavitation, namely in the cleaning liquid in the rapid formation of numerous bubbles and the rapid implosion. The resulting shock wave will be submerged down dirt workpiece surface in the cleaning solution. As the ultrasonic frequency increases, the bubble bursting increases the number of less impact, therefore, especially suitable for high frequency ultrasonic cleaning of small particles of dirt.

At present, theultrasonic cleaning machine, to rinse and coating the industry to bring a qualitative leap.

First of all, ultrasonic cleaning machine washing: workpiece in degreasing, rust, water washing, surface conditioning, phosphating etc. in the process of penetration in the welding seam in the liquid is difficult to discharge, and water can not be completely clean, in hot and humid conditions inclusion extremely easy to cause the workpiece, yellow rust. If the residual liquid in the process of drying can not completely dry, then powder coated with high temperature drying, residual liquid due to thermal expansion effect will seep weld, influence of coating and the metal surface, resulting in the adhesion of the coating decreased or even from.

Secondly,ultrasonic cleaning machine is very important in the coating process, the coating process normally divided into: first, and then washing, degreasing and derusting, hydrochloric acid washing, neutralization, washing, and then adjusting valve table, washing again, again, and then washing, phosphating and finally drying. The above procedure is most in need of attention is the equipment structure is more complex, we in the loading an

d unloading must be each parts are clean in place, especially for welding the middle gap, cannot leave residual liquid, otherwise it will affect the normal work after the. Equipment parts are completed after painting, in not long after the time found a rusty phenomenon gap between, not only damage to equipment surface clean, quality will affect the equipment. Such as automobile fuel tank of motorcycle frame, gate, etc..

Finally, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning temperature is an important factor affecting the cleaning speed, improve the cleaning temperature can increase the cavitation capability, shorten the cleaning time, but above a certain temperature, the vapor pressure increased but decreased cavitation, so we must keep a certain temperature. This can shorten equipment cleaning time can also increase equipment cleaning effect, tests showed that the aqueous medium at 50 ℃ ± 5 best.