Household ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve the food poisoning events

Situation one: eat strawberry cause poisoning see heart-shaped appearance, delicious Hongnen, flesh juicy strawberry, Wisconsin, in the street bought a pound of strawberry. After coming home, cleaning a, comfortable to sit in front of the television, watching and eating, but It is without rhyme or reason., stomach flatulence, pain, then, a friend took him to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed eating strawberry poisoning.

Scene two: eat longan encounter poisoning see mother bought longan were excellent singing or polished writing, very cute, Mary couldn't help but get up to eat. In order to hurry to eat longan pulp, her every eat longan, first with the mouth bite shell, imperceptibly unexpectedly after a pound. Not too much for a while, she felt lips swelling, a look in the mirror, startled, and saw the two lip is swollen bigger than a times. Mary thought it was lit eat longan, fierce drink weak brine, but be of no avail. That night, she toss and turn restlessly, unable to sleep. The next morning, she had to go to the hospital.

The two scenario above, give us some warning, although eating is to pay attention to certain ways, not to be for a while, regardless of the consequences.

Small make up remind you: we usually eat longan, litchi, yellow, or strawberry, we want to know the peel on the residues of pesticides, including a variety of antistaling agent, if the direct use of the mouth bite, is likely to cause food poisoning, longan, litchi, for yellow, we can clean water rinse, or use of dilute brine or the Tao Mishui soak for 5 minutes, can kill the strawberry surface residues of harmful organisms or promote a pesticide degradation of acid. But for strawberry, is not so simple, grass cleaning more difficult, mainly because of its rough appearance, and the skin is very thin, washed it broken. For cleaning pesticide often simple is very difficult to play the role of removing drugs.

So, what measures to adopt convenience, thoroughly remove those containing

pesticide residues in fruit? Very simple, small make up for everyone to move here, household use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, can complete eradication of pesticide residues.

1 ultrasonic cleaning machine principle is through the transducer, the ultrasonic frequency source of acoustic energy into mechanical vibration, ultrasonic radiation to the cleaning liquid trough in the cleaning tank. Due to the radiation by ultrasonic, the micro bubble tank liquid can in the acoustic waves to keep the vibration.

When the pressure or sound intensity under pressure to a certain extent, the bubble will expand rapidly, then suddenly closed. In this process, the bubble the closing instant shock wave, the bubble generated around 1012-1013pa pressure and temperature, pressure generated by the ultrasonic cavitation can damage the insoluble dirt and make their differentiation in solution, steam cavitation on the dirt of the directly repeated impact.

A destructive adsorption dirt and cleaning the surface, on the other hand can cause fatigue layer of dirt destruction by stripping, vibration gas bubble to clean solid surfaces, pollution layer once seam drill, bubble immediately "drill into" the vibration of the pollution layer off, because the air into use, two kinds of liquid in the interface quickly dispersed and emulsified oil, when the solid particles are wrapped and adhered to the surface when the cleaning, oil emulsion, solid particle off on their own, the ultrasonic propagation in the wash liquid will produce positive and negative alternating pressure, jet formation, impact cleaning parts, at the same time, because of the nonlinear effect will generate acoustic streaming and microphone flow, and ultrasonic cavitation will produce high-speed micro jets in the solid and liquid interface, all these effects, can destroy the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary pollution layer, increasing the stirring, diffusion, accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, st

rengthening cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agent. Thus, any liquid can be dipped into the existing and field where there are cleaning, cleaning the very complex application to surface shape parts. Especially the use of this technology, can reduce the chemical solvent consumption, thus greatly reducing the pollution of the environment.

To understand the use ofhousehold ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, good cleaning effect. The cavitation effect of ultrasonic propagation in water, and act on the fruit surface and fine slot, thus stripping to remove all stains of stubborn dirt and other harmful substances, clean sanitation. This cleaning method for physical cleaning, so as not to cause damage to fruit, and has sterilization, sterilization effect.