What's the Ultrasonic cleaners?

What's the Ultrasonic cleaners ? Ultrasonic cleaner use ultrasonic technology to clean the besmirch from the object surface.

It use the principle of ultrasonic high frequency (about 40kHz per second) vibration to make water rapid shock on the product surface, the stains will be completely remove in such a high frequency impact. As the solution is water, any gap can be cleaned. The effect can’t achieved by hand-washing.

The main structure of ultrasonic cleaner is ultrasonic generator and transducer.The size of Ultrasonic cleaner can be design by the product size. For large volume, more transducers are needed, and the power is higher.Ultrasonic cleaner can be widely used for cleaning glasses, jewelry, watch, electronic components, circuit board, hardware, antiques, razor, fruits, vegetables, and so on.

About ultrasonic cleaners pictures:JP-060S