The best screen cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment -skymen


Abstract: believe that work in the food or mining area, all know that food or ore screening need to use screen mesh, sieve after long time use, mesh will be blocked (e.g., diamond screen). If wash for a long time with ordinary method of artificial scrub can destroy a sieve, and the effect is not ideal. Ultrasonic sieve cleaning machine is in order to solve the screen mesh, diamond mesh or abrasive grain problem of screen mesh is not easy to clean and design research and development of special equipment.

Screen mesh of ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic high frequency oscillation and pervasive characteristic, will plug in grain mesh screen mesh, diamond mesh or abrasive particles, no damage to screen, to avoid the artificial damage to the screen cleaning, and greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning (2-3 minutes after washing).

In addition, a sieve in the cleaning process of above plugging particles can also be recycled. If you want to obtain a finer particles (more than 500 mesh), particle size in the water in deposition rate obtained from different this feature. But particles more fine due to its own gravitational pull more easy to cluster, agglomerate, mixing by hand it is difficult to achieve ideal effect, specific operation process is: the particle at a certain proportion into the water, artificial mixing state of suspension, the barrel under ultrasonic ultrasonic processing groove, out after a certain period of time after its natural precipitation, remove a layer above the finest (how much) by experience, and then to add water into the bucket. Repeat the above process.