Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning medicine bottle effect more clean!


With the development of modern enterprises, the ultrasonic cleaning machine in modern industry more and more attention to the new technology, it can greatly promote the development and cleaning industry production efficiency, such as: ultrasonic cleaning machine for medicine not. Especially the medicine bottle cleaning, greatly reduce the cost, improve the utilization rate of recovery and.

In ultrasonic cleaning machine has a unique working principle and has the obvious effect of cleaning.

1 ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning liquid splash on dust impact.

2 because of strong cavitation bubble disillusionment when the shock wave, a part of the dust layer on the shock wave effects are stripped down, lax, emulsification, fall.

3 ultrasonic to accelerate the dissolution process of chemical cleaning for dirt, chemical and physical force combination, speed up the cleaning process

4 because the cavitation bubbles occur by appearance, impact constitute the grime and surface layer of the space between and space saturated, because the small bubbles and pressure synchronous swell, shortening, physical force like peeling the same repetition effect in the dirt, grime layer a layer was opened, the bubble continued to soak, until the dust layer was completely stripping. This is the two time effect of cavitation.

To sum up! Ultrasonic cleaning machine used to the medicine bottle cleaning effect is more clean!