Ultrasonic cleaning can be washed a medical bottle?


Small mouth bottles if you use artificial to wash the small mouth, so can not thoroughly cleaned, and medical ultrasonic cleaning machine for medical bottle effect, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine through the use of many pharmaceutical enterprises are widely used, especially the cleaning of vials, ampoules, oral liquid bottles, infusion bottles and cleaning for the butyl rubber, natural rubber plug, already obtained the approval. For cleaning bottles and the like, is the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology to replace the original brush machine, it passes through the flip water, ultrasonic cleaning, washing, drying air inside and outside, turning process and realization. Clean UNITA medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of ultrasonic cleaning principle, that converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration of high-pressure bubble, the particle impact bottle breaking force cleaning agent of the bubble. Power in the cleaning bottle should pay attention to the correct selection of the ultrasonic, in the cleaning process will not ultrasonic power transfer too big, the power and the volume of container, cleaning bottle weight is proportional to, the ultrasonic much according to the cleaning bottle and the volume, generally only suitable for mass. The medicine bottle, cleaning solvent can be used in general, cleaning bottle is careful not to mess up, ordered set in the groove body.

Andmedical ultrasonic cleaning machine is all stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistance, prolong the service life of ultrasonic strength, the ultrasonic generator, good cleaning effect, low failure rate.