Ultrasonic cleaning machine for dental health navigation


Ultrasonic cleaning machine is powerful, used for cleaning teeth is a good idea. Need to remind everyone, under normal circumstances, we must go to normal large hospital to find highly trained medical personnel to treat, otherwise will cause serious damage to the teeth. Of course, some customers in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning teeth have three concerns:

1 teeth larger: some people complained teeth cleaning teeth become larger, in fact, not because of the ultrasonic cleaning teeth, but deposited in the teeth of the dental plaque, long oppressed the gums, causing gingival inflammation and bacterial infection, cause gum bone absorption support prematurely, thus forming a tooth gingival atrophy. After cleaning the teeth, gingival inflammation no swelling, periodontal health cause.

2 teeth bleeding: ultrasonic cleaning machine, a lot of people bleeding in ultrasonic tooth cleaning process, this is because the stimulation such as plaque, or severe inflammation, bleeding gums become more and more obvious. If the inflammation of the gums bleeding usually when brushing your teeth, so only when the gum completely clean health treatment would not bleeding. Ultrasonic cleaning teeth, should adhere to brush your teeth, dental plaque removal and stimulation, you can avoid or reduce the bleeding gums.

3: do not use, because the destruction of tooth enamel ultrasonic tooth cleaning when the work itself is not clean any cutting head, ultrasonic cleaning machine it is through ultrasonic vibration grinding impurity, doctors also constantly moving ultrasonic head, no pressure, just lightly touch calculus, which does not damage the teeth.

Understanding how to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine, can reduce the harm, are you a healthy white teeth beauty.