Inventory: superiority and clean UNITA ultrasonic cleaning machine structure


Ultrasonic cleaning method over conventional general cleaning methods, it mainly consists of two parts and the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic cleaning tank. Made of ultrasonic cleaning tank, corrosion resistance strong elastic using high quality stainless steel, the bottom is equipped with ultrasonic transducer; ultrasonic generator to generate high voltage and high frequency, through the cable connection line transfer to the transducer, transducer and vibration plate together to generate high frequency resonance, so that the cleaning trough solvent wash the dirt by ultrasonic wave.

The theory of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, and spread to the media through the transducer into high frequency mechanical vibration, ultrasonic cleaning solvent density in the cleaning solution and the forward radiation, and tens of thousands of small gas bubble liquid, bubble exists in liquid under the action of vibration in the field, when the pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble increases rapidly, and then suddenly closed, the shock wave generated when the bubble is closed, generating thousands of atmospheres in the vicinity, destruction of insoluble dirt and scatter them in the cleaning liquid, when the group particle oil wrapped and adhered to the surface is clean, oil emulsion, solid particles and detachment, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying cleansing.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine application: application of ultrasonic cleaning at present our exposure to the industry of electronics, mechanical, electrical, glass, glasses, watches and clocks, electroplating, instrument, meter, jewelry, medical, hardware, bearings, hydraulic, aerospace, ceramics, chemical fiber, pens, electroplating before treatment and so on, can be said to cover the modern industry.

Compared with other kinds of cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine function showed great superiority.

1, good cleaning effect, high cleaning degree and

all component cleanliness, has been gradually used in ultrasonic cleaning machine to replace the traditional immersion cleaning, pressure washing, gas cleaning and steam cleaning process.

2, high efficiency and high cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machine, thanks to its acoustic wave propagates in the medium produce penetrability and cavitation shock wave. So it was very easy with complex shape, cavity and parts cleaning fine air clean, oil, rust, phosphating process in general, the role of ultrasound only needs two or three minutes.

3, its speed than traditional method can improve several or dozens of times, clean degree also can reach a high standard. This is in many higher requirements on the product surface quality and productivity of the occasion, not to hand contact cleaning liquid, safe and reliable, more prominently display methods are difficult to achieve with other treatment or irreplaceable results.

4, no damage to the surface of workpiece, saving solvent, heat, work and labor etc..