Baby pacifiers, baby bottles, health and safety caution


Shenzhen City Maternal and children's hospital staff said nipple belongs to consumables, long after use, will become hard, metamorphism, recommended three months about a replacement, but is damaged, regardless of whether the time must be replaced. And formula fed babies vulnerable to diseases, the most common are diarrhea, which greatly and is thoroughly clean the bottle. The bottle is the baby gastrointestinal bacteria ideal training base, if the cleaning and disinfection of bottle is not complete, the bacteria can easily breed in the milk bottle. When the baby the next feeding these bacteria into the baby body, it will cause diarrhea, and some will even vomiting, choking hazard, cause the baby to drink the milk, therefore, correct and effective for baby bottles, pacifiers disinfection is necessary.

Under normal circumstances, most of the young mother is flush, then boil or steam to sterilize. This method is good, but in the corner place, it is difficult to clean, and even the residue will be a lot of bacteria. How to do? Shenzhen maternity and child hospital staff said Domestic miniature ultrasonic cleaning machine easily! Not only good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, high cleaning speed; also can be the hole, slot and shelter can be uniform, accurate clean. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect of small household is by means of high frequency water extrusion to produce blister formation vacuum force, the dirt attached to the instrument on the loose off, so as to ensure the disinfection, sterilization, and the operation is convenient, fast. The good prevention of infant infection.