Denture cleaning not net easy bacteria base, experts recommend the correct cleaning method


Denture is a foreign body in the mouth, more easily than true tooth shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. After wearing dentures, whether you found in the mouth prone to ulcers, inflammation, and oral mucosa is also very easy to redness, pain, ulcers and other phenomena? These may be caused because teeth not clean enough! In fact, between teeth cleaning and health are closely linked, unclean dentures have many causes abnormal reproduction bacterial or fungal diseases

More terrible is, attached to some other pathogenic bacteria in dentures may enter the respiratory system down through the oropharynx, caused by bacterial pneumonia; or may enter the circulation system, the formation of bacteremia in the easy feeling crowd. Research has shown that: the improper care will likely become disease risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, denture stomatitis, bacterial pneumonia, and bacterial pneumonia is the cause of death among elderly people in.

Visible, denture cleaning improperly may cause fatal disease, this is not alarmist! Director of Peking University Stomatological Hospital of mucosal physicians said: maintain good health habits, every day to clean teeth, and the use of denture cleaning products and professional, is a scientific, correct denture care methods, this will greatly reduce the risk of oral diseases and other diseases. The denture wearers to develop dental care habits right, must remove denture cleaning before going to bed every day, cleaned withhospital ultrasonic cleaning machine dedicated. Not only the good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, high cleaning speed; also can be the hole, slot and shelter can be uniform, accurate clean. Wash the function of Hospital of ultrasonic cleaning machine with high frequency of water to produce bubbles to form a vacuum region of extrusion force, the dirt attached to the instrument on the loose off, so as to ensure the disinfection, sterilization, and the operation is convenient, fast.