Clean UNITA brand 100 yuan of ultrasonic cleaning machine and a new member


Shenzhen clean UNITAultrasonic cleaning equipment Co., Ltd. to develop, according to the demand of the market, actively enterprising, dares to innovate, again, is developing a degassing function with full stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machine, its model for JP-010T, this section has four major advantages:

1, digital display

Digital ultrasonic cleaning machine is better than mechanical rotary knob control, convenient operation, time accurate, precise and durable.

2, automatic protection heating

JP-010T with heat protection function, normal temperature to 65 degrees adjustable temperature, when the temperature rose to 65 degrees, the heating function will be automatically closed, avoid high temperature liquid for cleaning objects damage.

3, the degassing function

Our company's first with a degassing function stainless ultrasonic cleaning machine, it will be the tank body of the oxygen gas elimination, more conducive to cleaning, but also prevent the cleaning object is oxidation, easily solve the object washed oxidized concerns.

4, for as long as 60 minutes cleaning

Break our ultrasonic cleaning machine for 30 minutes the historical record, the three generation of JP-010T machine of Wang Qingxi for as long as 60 minutes, 7 more time adjustable (60s, 180s, 300s, 600s, 900s, 30min, 60min), more humane and reasonable settings.

Applicable to: Commercial (jewelry store, watch shop, shop etc.), home (fruits, vegetables, and jewelry boutique etc.) (hospital medical operation knife, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, tweezers, injection needle, syringe, various sizes of test tube, glass, dressing bowl, plate, drum pressure, etc.) for industrial use (PCB circuit board repair, electronics, hardware etc.)

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