Shenzhen Skymen brand added a

In order to meet the needs of the consumers, our company developed a new generation of "folding bladeless fan"; both in appearance, energy saving or in the function is incomparable. This paragraph without leaf folding electric fan, model DL-108, is the use of stepless speed regulator, arbitrary regulation volume size and strength, the more ideal, humanity. Not only is the vertical use can also be used to hang on the wall, where is where. The machine is full function remote control, take control and minimum power of 6W, maximum power 32w/ low power, both fashion appliances energy-saving and energy saving.

Silent operation, breeze mix in sleep, and the volume is small, can be folded, convenient cleaning and storage. This DL-108 no leaf folding electric fan color color options. It is suitable for pregnant women, children, elderly, white-collar, the whole family, has 1 comfortable natural wind, not easy to catch a cold, the wind gentle; 2 play fan will not pinch your safe; 3, cool and comfortable, fashion taste; 4 head is not dizzy, joint is not pain; 5 low carbon and environmental protection, life will be more healthy.

This diagram: Silver Blue DL-108 folding bladeless fan