Shenzhen Skymen for the first time in the Shenzhen gift show ended successfully!

Division I (Shenzhen clean UNITA ultrasonic cleaning equipment Co., Ltd.) first participated in the Shenzhen international gifts and Home Furnishing supplies exhibition. From the first to the exhibition and the end of the exhibition a total of 20 days, enough to witness, our leadership and sales department attaches great importance to the exhibition.

Compared to our products and the neighboring exhibitors not only novel and innovative

A live demonstration: cleaning free glasses, jewelry.

The person responsible for the distribution of color pages.

Customers in the crowd is easy to find our exhibition and actively to participate in the.

The exhibition personnel to introduce products to customers

In this exhibition, many customers actively and enthusiastically to come to visit, and we show the staff in earnest, patience, sincerity for customers to explain, and glasses, for site visitors jewelry cleaning demonstration, the demonstration results are most of the clients as the acme of perfection, without thinking about circumstances demand to order our products, in the field however, on-site products is limited, the strong recommendation: leave contact with each other, looking forward to within three days of delivery!

Therefore, our products are well received by consumers for their support and love, not only gain from customer orders, the gift company and commercial company occupies the majority, let us know more about the gift industry, conducive to the development of the company in the gift industry, but also laid a foundation for the next large-scale exhibitions. At the same time, enjoy a good reputation and reputation, resulting in clean UNITA brand in the market once again set a good brand image, reputation and corporate image. From the Division I gather a group of technical and sales personnel, professional service and innovation consciousness of perfect and our excellent team. In this exhibition a great success. In the future, not

only extend our domestic sales department, will foreign sales will also be further expanded, resulting in the sale of our products in the national and even global!