2014 skymen, president of the New Year speech

Time has entered 2014, Yang Jie, president of Union speech released New Year!

We are grateful to all new and old customers for clean League's support and trust, especially wish you a grand exhibition in the new year, business is booming, rolling in money!

Time flies, time flies, another year gone.

2013 for the external environment, it is a turbulent year; alliance for our cleaning company, but it is a steady upward development of the year, but also for the future development has laid an important foundation year.

Over the past year, Jie Meng people down to earth, step by step, almost complete set goals early, one year, clean League hardworking people, buried Endeavour, cut costs, in terms of earnings and expenditures are made gratifying breakthrough performance; year, Meng Jie people open-minded, humble, studious, steady and firm in the implementation of the established route and approach. 2013, supplement and perfect the product chain has made some efforts and strengthen the development of plastic machinery has taken an important step forward. For the development of new products has accumulated some experience, whether it is the aesthetic appearance, or the supply chain collaboration are some understanding for the future development of new products, plastic machinery gained valuable experience!

In 2013, the company realized the scale of the first breakthrough in expanding the plant area, the number of people increases, the ability to raise new colleagues, as well as in the production and marketing chain are the breakthrough.

Since 2013, a significant expansion of the warehouse inventory increase, which is the result of full effort!

Efforts over the past year will also be able to ensure that we face in 2014 will be more volatile, vague direction of the global economic environment is no better survival and development.

For 2014, Jie Meng who is confident, hopeful. Year after year the New Year, but clean League brand will also continue to introduce new, never rest on its laurels in the new year will develop more new plastic household type and various industrial and commercial use ultrasonic cleaning machine products, continued walking in the forefront of the market, providing our customers with quality products and services.