Clean Au 2012 two day tour of Xichong

In 2012 September 15-16, the company all staff two day tour of Xichong.

Xichong two day tour: Xichong sea view, beach barbecue, surf boats, Lai Shizhou Valentine's Island special in romantic beach camping, camping experience field stimulation and fresh feeling. Hands-on baking delicious barbecue food, enjoy the proud and self-satisfied wonderful. Take the boat ride the wind and waves of feeling feeling, up the mountain sea, really enjoy the beach leisure life. The sea touch screw, bonfire evening gala, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, bathing beach, blue sea, into the embrace, feel invincible beach, completely relax, enjoy a happy life.

Playing games on the bus:



The seaside tents (clean UNITA cleaning equipment banner bright):


Wooden photo: (standard bearer suck ah) 

Clean UNITA company chairman Yang Shan:

A Buddism godness Guanyin mountain:

Above is the travel part of the picture, pay attention to clean UNITA, clean and green.