Submersible transducer pack

New ultrasonic vibration plate

The New ultrasonic vibration plate:

1. The series of the inputting type ultrasonic earthquake board two parts, ultrasonic generator and seismic board, ultrasonic shock to placed in various cleaning plate in cylinder, can become ultrasonic cleaning machine, plate can move back and forth with shock, can put in all kinds of cylinder body inside, it is convenient to operate.

2. Ultrasonic earthquake plate can according to different cleaning process requirement and installation position different but make it the earthquake type/side earthquake type/top earthquake type three kind of order to achieve satisfactory cleaning effect.

3. According to the size of the workpieces cleaning various not way design and the production of various types of (non-standard type) ultrasonic shock, so as to achieve the board oil removal and the wax cleaning effect.

4. This ultrasonic shock by 2.0 mm plate plank of stainless steel, the ultrasonic shock the son (Taiwan) production.

5. The ultrasonic shock since the date of the board factory warranty for a year.

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