JP-160T(49L)Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleaning process and application:
This machine function as automatic vending machine for each token, token operated (one set of 100 includes),the built-in electronic counter can record each time cleaning and free to be tampered. It’s perfectly applied golf courses, golf links, golf clubs and outdoor golf party occasions. JP-160T can clean golf club heads, rubber grips and also golf ball, regardless of club material is wood, aluminum or titanium.
Cleaning golf method: to clean full set of golf clubs by token
Non-Magnetic stainless steel material
Ultrasonic generator control: Built-in Digital Generator
Counter: Built-in Electronic Counter can calculate every token
Timer& heater: digital timer that set in 5 min increments, built-in controlled heater, temperature control:0~100 degree centigrade.
With roller for convenient move and portable
Customer’s logo is acceptable.
Tank capacity: 49L
Tank size: 400*350*350mm (L*W*H)
Overall size: 510*585*800mm (L*W*H)
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz or 28KHz
Transducer numbers: 16pcs
Power: 800W
Power supply requirement: AC 110/220V
Lid is optional

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