Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used for high frequency electric knife pen disinfection


In the process of using electric knife, knife head after each use, to cool completely, then the residual tissue with saline soaked gauze to wipe the knife head, then disinfected.

The conventional method for there are many, such as: high frequency electric knife disinfection electrode can be used under high temperature and high pressure disinfection method, using ethylene oxide sterilization or at 30 minutes 2% glutaraldehyde immersion, using physiological saline (cleaning and disinfection, can affect the service life of the electrode with this method), but the most convenient and affordable method, optional medical ultrasound cleaning machine for cleaning and disinfection, sterilization objects.

Not only the good cleaning effect, high cleaning degree and all parts cleaning; cleaning speed, improve production efficiency, does not need to be hand contact cleaning liquid, safe and reliable; the deep hole, crack and workpiece cover can also be cleaned; no damage to the surface of workpiece, can further reach disinfection, sterilization effect.