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Skymen Cleaning Equipment Shenzhen Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners since 2007, We can manufacture virtually any cleaning system in our 3200 square foot facility located in Shenzhen, China. Our 110 employees are dedicated to quality, and most have been working at Skymen for over 10 years. No only manufactures a line of standard products, But also custom-manufactured systems continue to be a large part of our business .On May 2016, the company is registered to CN ISO 9001: 2008, and its based finishing equipment division has also recently been awarded "New High-Tech Enterprise"

Our product line includes every type of ultrasonic cleaning system, from mini household ultrasonic cleaner, benchtop stainless steel small ultrasonic cleaner,  and industrial large tank ultrasonic cleaner, Immersible ultrasonic transducer system, to fully-automated multi-stage systems that produce skymen results for high-technology parts washing applications

Customers have come to recognize our impeccable reputation for our ultrasonic  cleaner products and turn to us to provide what they need for their specific industries .Industrial, electronics, medical, aerospace, dental, and OEM businesses worldwide also greatly benefit from our extensive line of ultrasonic cleaner models.

We continue to stand as a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for customers in all different markets.

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