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New Energy Photovoltaic Industry
The photoelectric conversion industry chain formed by the application and development of silicon materials is called "photovoltaic new energy industry", including the production of high-purity poly-silicon raw materials, solar cell production, solar cell module production, and related production equipment manufacturing . In the manufacturing process of these related equipment, dirt will inevitably be generated, which will affect the service life and efficacy of the parts. The emergence of ultrasonic cleaning has solved this fundamental problem and greatly promoted the development of the new energy/photovoltaic industry .
Auto Parts Industry
Auto parts ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly suitable for: superchargers, shock absorber parts, aluminum, iron, copper die castings, ductile iron castings, cylinder blocks, shells, piston rings, hydraulic parts, compressor parts and other auto parts of cleaning. Ultrasonic waves can enter small cracks and blind holes, remove oil stains and residues without damaging auto parts, and meet the requirements of efficiency, cleanliness, environmental protection, and beauty. The emergence of ultrasonic cleaning machine technology has greatly promoted the further development of the automotive industry.
Mechanical Hardware Industry
The mechanical hardware industry is one of the most widely used industries for ultrasonic cleaning. In the manufacturing process of the mechanical hardware industry, the surface of the parts will be stained with different dirt, such as cutting oil, wax, glue, dirt, solder, etc., and the work-piece will be rusted to varying degrees after a long time. Ultrasonic cleaning machine For the above dirt, it can achieve a very good cleaning effect. It can not only clean powerfully, but also perfectly clean. According to the requirements of different hardware, different cleaning schemes can be formulated.
Optics & Optoelectronics Industry
After the optical lens has undergone rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, edging and other processes, with the help of the "cavitation effect" cleaning technology of the optical ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning problems before lens coating, gluing, and assembly can be solved . Optical ultrasonic cleaning machine can be widely used in: cleaning of glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products.
Rail Transit & Aerospace Industry
Rail transit and aerospace ultrasonic cleaning machines can be used to clean most parts, such as helping parts remove abrasive and polishing residues, fine sand, dust, grease, coolant, abrasive paste/wax, burrs, carbon deposits, etc., and are widely used It is used for cleaning bearings, brake valves, engines, springs, shock absorbers, radiators, internal combustion engines and other aircraft, spacecraft, subway, high-speed rail parts. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, fast speed and low cost. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning technology is widely used in cleaning. Applications in rail transit and aerospace industries are becoming more and more widespread.
Semiconductor Electronic Industry
Semiconductor ultrasonic cleaning machines can be widely used in semiconductor crystals, resistors, capacitors, PCB boards, IC chips, connectors, connectors, adapters, silicon wafers, transistors, diodes, electronic circuit boards, computer motherboards, piezoelectric ceramic wafers, Cleaning during the production and processing of electronic devices such as picture tubes and electric vacuum devices.
Hydrogen Energy Industry
As a secondary energy source, hydrogen energy has a wide range of sources. It can not only be produced through the reforming of fossil energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas, thermal cracking of biomass, or microbial fermentation, but also from chemical by-products such as coking, chlor-alkali, steel, and metallurgy. Hydrogen production, but the accessories needed in the process of producing and processing hydrogen energy equipment There will be dirt to a greater or lesser extent. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can remove oil, dust and other contaminants attached to the surfaces of required accessories. They are widely used in cleaning bipolar plates, uni-polar plates and other parts in the hydrogen energy industry.
Aviation Industry
Turning/milling/grinding/punching/drilling, no matter what processing method is used for the work-piece, it is a necessary step to remove the oil, debris, cutting fluid, rust, etc. attached to the surface. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is an ideal choice as it is cost-effective and efficient.
Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industry
As a specialized application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in hospitals, medical ultrasonic cleaning machines handle the cleaning, rinsing, oiling, drying, etc. of contaminated instruments. They have incomparable technical features compared to conventional ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machines use the most advanced digital circuits and integrated circuits in the world. The product features novel structure, advanced circuitry, reliable operation, high efficiency, low noise and high cleanliness. It is widely used in operating rooms, laboratories, inspection rooms, supply rooms, dentistry, sterilization centers and other departments of hospitals and other medical institutions. It is the most ideal equipment for cleaning deep holes, blind holes and concave and convex grooves of medical devices. Digital LCD controls the start-up time. All stainless steel casing, inner tank and lid, which is more high-end and has greatly improved waterproof performance. The product is safer and more durable. It is equipped with heating and constant temperature system and a fully automatic water supply and drainage system, which is more convenient. It is fully stainless steel SUS304 for medical equipment cleaning. basket.
New Energy Automobile Industry
Whether it is a traditional fuel vehicle or an emerging electric vehicle, the cleanliness of parts is a key factor in maintaining reliability. Ultrasonic cleaning technology can help vehicle manufacturers and auto parts suppliers improve product performance and maintain market competitiveness.
Plastic Industry
With the widespread use of plastic products in industry and daily life, the problem of cleaning plastic surfaces has gradually become the focus of attention in the manufacturing industry and various fields. As an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaner is gradually becoming the first choice to solve the problem of cleaning plastic products.
Food Industry
As people's attention to food safety and hygiene continues to increase, the food processing industry has put forward higher requirements for the performance and efficiency of cleaning equipment. As an efficient cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine has important applications in the food processing industry. Ultrasonic cleaning machines use the vibration and cavitation of ultrasonic waves to strip dirt and impurities from the surface of items to achieve cleaning purposes. In the food processing industry, ultrasonic cleaning machines can be widely used in various materials, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, condiments, etc.
New Energy Photovoltaic Industry
Auto Parts Industry
Mechanical Hardware Industry
Optics & Optoelectronics Industry
Rail Transit & Aerospace Industry
Semiconductor Electronic Industry
Hydrogen Energy Industry
Aviation Industry
Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industry
New Energy Automobile Industry
Plastic Industry
Food Industry
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