Oil immersed transformer ultrasonic cleaning machine and cleaning method


Oil immersed transformerultrasonic cleaning machine includes a plurality of respectively the coupling medium block is fixed on the ultrasonic transducer transformer oil pipe corresponding parts needed to be cleaned by ultrasonic transducer includes outside; ultrasonic emulsification oil product on the transformer oil pipe and on a transformer oil pipe cleaning the interior of the ultrasonic transducer two; the front end of the corresponding ultrasonic transformer oil the angle between the transducer for cleaning parts of not more than 40 °;

The cleaning method comprises the following steps: first, find all the parts needed to be cleaned and labeling; two, fixed coupling medium block; three, oil emulsion; four, cleaning; five, injecting fresh oil after cleaning.

And the operation is simple, quick cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, can effectively solve the existing oil immersed transformer in the cleaning process of complicated operation, high cleaning expense, serious waste of transformer oil, cleaning effect is poor, time-consuming and laborious defects and shortcomings.